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March 2007

February 2007 | Special-Needs Branding | Branding for Customers With Disabilities | branding and marketing online magazine | brands | brand | branding news

by cyberien & 1 other
About Us launched on February 5, 2001, by Interbrand, as the world’s only online exchange about branding. It has grown to become a valuable resource to a growing database of subscribers and countless other readers. is committed to providing a global perspective on brands. Challenging viewers to think further about the important issues that are affecting brands now and in the future. To further enhance brand awareness, we offer tools and information including global listings for conferences, courses and careers, as well as links to other valuable industry resources. Brandchannel is not a one-way street; we provide the opportunity for an open exchange on the subject of brands and branding from practitioners around the world through features like online debates, and white paper submissions. is unique from other branding-related websites in that it is global in scope, offers original branding content, has an independent, unique voice, is easy to navigate, has no membership fees, and appeals to a wide range of skill levels. The world's only online exchange about branding

January 2007

December 2006

Why Apple has not made an iPhone (yet)

by core
I think these specs are close to what might have been cycling around in the mailboxes of marketing- and developer teams at Apple.

September 2006

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January 2006

Corporate font clones

by jasonbentley
Fonts designed to resemble fonts used by companies, retailers, and entertainment

October 2005

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