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December 2006

Why Apple has not made an iPhone (yet)

by core
I think these specs are close to what might have been cycling around in the mailboxes of marketing- and developer teams at Apple.

September 2006

苹果:嘿,PodcastReady,你侵了我们的权了 - PODCAST PODIUM 播客宝典

by jackiege

苹果的酷产品模式可持续吗?(by 方军) - 思维的乐趣BLOG

by jackiege
它的酷名声是线性累积的,每一次推出酷产品都为自己积分,推高期望, 而一次失败就会极大地破坏品牌。所以,它现在每一次成功推出新的酷产品,实际上都是在加大风险。

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