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GameProducer.Net » Blog Archive » Sometimes Programming Is Like Playing an Adventure Game

by bcpbcp (via)
If sometimes you feel you cannot solve a problem and you feel tired - go to sleep and let your brain solve the problem while at sleep. It just might work.

PC Logic Games: Bug Brain

by bcpbcp
This is part three of my five part series on programming logic games. This week's game, Bug Brain, uses neural nets as its programming model. Neural nets are a mainstay of machine learning in computer science and of science fiction stories. In each Bug Brain level, you have to construct a neural net to guide your bug to complete some task. For example, in the level pictured below, you program the lady bug, and your task to have it eat the three bugs without falling off the branch.


Violence in games stimulates brain for aggression | CNET

by bcpbcp
Violent video games appear to put the human brain in a mood to fight, according to a new study from Michigan State University.

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