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IT|Redux - Sharing the BPEL Love

by nhoizey
Human workflow is nothing more than a specific process pattern, and BPEL is largely sufficient to support it. Anyone telling you that BPEL does not support workflow is lying to you, and the best evidence for it are Intalio’s and Oracle’s products.


» BPEL gets bopped… again | Service-Oriented Architecture |

by nhoizey (via)
BPEL is fine for developers that are looking to link XML Web services, but may not be as effective for business users within the enterprise at large, who are working with all sorts of local objects, legacy systems and data types.

BPEL Learning Guide

by nhoizey
This learning guide introduces you to Business Process Execution Language for Web services, or BPEL4WS. In this BPEL learning guide, you'll find articles, tips, expert advice, white papers and more that will explain how BPEL fits into the world of Web services.

Phil Gilbert | Perspectives in Process

by nhoizey
BPEL isn't about visibility, and it's not about change management, yet those are the central problems of business process management. BPEL as a technology is orthogonal to the problem of business process management. It's simply a new way to write code.

Go Flow » Blog Archive » “Workflow” is Back

by nhoizey
There recently has been a big realization that "Human BPM" is very important. IBM and SAP release their BPEL4People white paper. BEA buys Fuego, a notable human workflow vendor. Oracle prepares new human capabilities above (and possibly separate) from their BPEL engine. And Microsoft talks about their Workflow Foundation, which is also separate from their BizTalk EAI.


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