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Street Shopping La Redoute

by bistoule
La Redoute Street Shopping ce sont des boutiques virtuelles dans les plus grandes villes de France. Elles sont accessibles avec un téléphone portable, a condition de se trouver au bon endroit dans chaque ville et d'avoir télécharger l'application correspondante.




Ustensiles de cuisine

by bistoule
Les ustensiles de cuisine de marque, les livres et quelques recettes de cuisine. Avec coté boutique, moule, plat, hachoir, robot de cuisine, couteau, râpe, moulin, fouet, passoire, entonnoir, shaker, mesure a alcool et autres ustensiles de cuisine. Et coté épicerie fine, chocolat, huile d\'olive, vinaigre, moutardes, pâtes, sel, poivre, épice, thé


Scrapinette, la boutique du scrapbooking

by jadolyne
Boutique de scrapbooking classée par type de fournitures, thème, couleur et fabricant. Matériel, fournitures, exemples et conseils


ARTEH® takes you on a Journey Through the Best Wine Regions in the World

by exotic46 & 1 other
The demarked region of Douro, recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage in 2001 and home to some of the Best Wines of Portugal, is the oldest demarked wine region in the world and is celebrating its 250th anniversary. The region has over 250 thousand hectares that run from the Baixo Corgo area (near Vila Nova de Gaia) to Douro Superior (near the Spanish border). This is where Port Wine is made, appreciated and recognized all over the world; the sellers lay along the South Douro river bank, in Vila Nova de Gaia, and may be visited.

Capri Palace, Luxury Charming Boutique Hotel by ARTEH® - Hotels and Resorts

by exotic46 & 1 other
In the charming and attractive town of Anacapri, on the most exclusive part of the Isle of Capri in Italy, is the luxurious Capri Palace, located on the foot of Mount Solano on a place with superb views over the Mediterranean Sea. Dating from the mid 20th century, the hotel was recently refurbished. This process involved considerable alterations whilst still maintaining its classical Mediterranean style and conveying a noble and distinguished design which can be witnessed on the palace’s stone floor, its archways and the enveloping columns.

Brava Hotel, Luxury Charming Boutique Hotel by ARTEH® - Hotels and Resorts in Armação dos Búzios, Búzios, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

by exotic46 & 1 other
Located on a cliff facing Brava beach in Buzios, Brasil, the contemporary Brava Hotel with its New Mexico style and innovative architecture for the region is the creation of Marcelo de la Peña. The overall mood of the spaces is one of tranquillity and relaxation, where the light colours of the various fabrics contrast with the browns of the wood used in the decor. Inside the extravagant doors and high ceilings stand out, on the outside emphasis falls on the swimming pool’s panoramic terrace with superb views of the horizon.

Barceló La Bobadilla - Luxury Charming Boutique Hotel by ARTEH® - Hotels and Resorts in Loja, Granada, Andaluzia, Spain

by exotic46 & 1 other, 1 comment
Deep in the heart of Andalusia, between the towns of Cordoba, Malaga, Seville, and Granada, is the luxurious Barceló La Bobadilla, fruit of the philosophy and vision of the famous architect from Granada, Jesús del Valle. Perfectly in harmony with nature, this hotel can be found in a magnificent 350 hectares private sanctuary, replete with hills and valleys covered in wild flowers, aromatic herbs, olive trees, almond trees, and holm oaks. This paradise is also home to several species of birds and deer that may be seen during hikes, cycling, or horseback riding.


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