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Patrocle, le bot parlant

by parmentierf
Puisqu'Achille n'est plus tout à fait Achille, je l'ai rebaptisé Patrocle. Dans l'Illiade, Patrocle est le meilleur ami d'Achille. Et puis cela colle bien avec la filiation d'Achille puisque François Parmentier a aussi écrit un nouveau bot appelé Ector.

Twuring - The Twitter Turing Test

by parmentierf
This is a contest and resources for writing a Turing Test capable chatbot on twitter. The turing test means that the bot needs to be capable of being indistinguishable (or as near as) from a human being. So a spammy bot will get nowhere. If you can code in C#, perl, python, ruby or (insert favourite programming language of choice here) then come have a go at it!

Jeeney AI Artificially Intelligent Life Online

by parmentierf & 1 other (via)
Jeeney AI is a form of artificial intelligence, a chat bot that has been programmed to dissect the English language carefully in order to discern what is being said to her. The artificial intelligence utilizes bots and subroutines to constantly analyze the data gathered from each individual that has spoken to the chatterbot, because of this, Jeeney's learning process is dependant on several different factors like the amount of people she talks to and what they are interested in, how well they type etc. Unfortunately, unless the ammount of people talking to Jeeney escallates with her accumulating knowledge, the learning process slows down over time. To offeset this slow down, I'm encouraging everybody to tell their friends about Jeeney.


Chimrod Pyborg

by parmentierf
PyBorg est un bot parlant écrit en python. Il s'agit d'un programme capable de se connecter sur IRC, qui enregistre les phrases et les structures qu'il peut lire, et se sert de ces données pour générer des réponses quand on lui parle. Il utilise le principe des chaînes de Markov pour générer les réponses. Malheureusement, le programme a aujourd'hui disparu du net ( on peut encore le trouver sur le wiki404[1]. J'ai repris ledéveloppement, et propose aujourd'hui une nouvelle version "enrichie".


jabberwacky chat - If I give you the secret to prove it, You will learn it for the next time, and then, you can spoof other people... So I don't. - We will talk and insanity will ensue. - An Artificial Intelligence chatbot, AI chatterbot or chatterbox, fo

by talou
Are you a real person now? As much as you. Prove it. How ? I don't know just prove it. If I give you the secret to prove it, You will learn it for the next time, and then, you can spoof other people... So I don't.

pyborg - Accueil [Gna!]

by parmentierf (via)
PyBorg is a learning bot for IRC written in Python



Free AIM Bots | IRC Bots | Lots-A-Bots

by parmentierf (via)
Lots-A-Bots™ is a service that allows you to create your very own artificially intelligent, instant messaging robot. We support AIM Bots, IRC Bots, Web Chat, and Flash Chat. Anybody can learn how to program a chatter bot with ease. We use proprietary technology to provide you with the fastest, most advanced, and powerful service.


by parmentierf (via)
SeeBorg is a random phrase bot that will sit on IRC channel, learning the talk, and periodically replying with something that is generated from the talk learned before. It doesn't make much sense at all, but sometimes it's at least funny.

Bot Blog

by parmentierf (via)
Un blog sur les bots parlants. En anglais.

Home -

by parmentierf
Darkbot is a very fast and small program written in C language which connects to IRC from an Unix or Windows operating system and automatically "talks" and responds to users' questions. Originally created by Jason Hamilton as an aid for help channels to answer repeated questions from its virtually unlimited database, it has became a very popular talking robot in a generic sense, being used all over IRC networks for different purposes and in 18 languages.


by parmentierf
C'est un bot qui au départ ne sait rien dire et vous devez lui apprendre à parler. Le bot apprend relativement rapidement (disons qu'au bout de 10 minutes de conversation il connaîtra pas mal de mots). On peut critiquer ce système mis au point par tiot mais il a l'avantage d'être simple, ludique et rapide.

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