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31 December 1969 19:00

's Official Web Portal

by coralberry & 1 other Home page of the U.S. Government's Official Web Portal for all government transactions, services and information. It provides direct online access to federal, state, local and tribal governments.

60 Sites in 60 Minutes, Special Libraries Association (SLA), 14 June 2005

by coralberry
60 Sites in 60 Minutes was presented at the 2005 annual meeting of Special Libraries Association on 8 June.

Email graphic traceroute

by coralberry & 2 others
Trace the path your email message took as it passed through various servers, on Google maps

Understanding Soft Proofing

by coralberry
The web's most comprehensive site devoted to the art of landscape and nature photography using traditional as well as digital image processing techniques.

ZapTXT : index

by coralberry & 5 others
ZapTXT allows you to get SMS message alerts on your cell phone from RSS feeds - enter search criteria, get SMS messages on your cell phone for any RSS feed on the web.

's Age Gauge

by coralberry
Who is older and younger than you? How old were you when ....?

Group: Librarians who LibraryThing | LibraryThing

by coralberry
LibraryThing catalogs yours books online, easily, quickly and for free.

FlightStats - Worldwide flight status / tracker with historical performance data

by coralberry
Global comprehensive flight status and tracking, historical performance, current and historical airport information, predictive ratings, flight alerts and more

FOR DUMMIES?? Book Cover Generator 2006

by coralberry & 11 others
Design your own spoof (parody) softcover FOR DUMMIES book cover (make it look like you are the publisher) image with your own customizable words on the cover. Create your own Dummies book cover as a parody, use these images anywhere you want on your sites or blogs.

Sheet Music Consortium home page

by coralberry & 2 others
OAI Service Provider for sheet music: a collaboration between UCLA, Indiana University, and Johns Hopkins University

Words Without Borders: AUGUST 2006

by coralberry & 4 others
International Literature in Translation