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October 2006

Captive Bookmarks » Solo Technology

by srcmax
Blogmarks was able to import my BlinkList export. Had a few false starts last night (site was very unstable, I’m guessing I was trying this during a maintenance window).

Veille Perso - Toolbox

by srcmax & 5 others (via)
Blogmarks already include the ability to import blinklist backup, but when I did tried it, some data from blinklist where missing so I built my own converter to be sure to don't loose anything stored in blinklist

May 2006

June 2005

The Community Engine Blog: xFolk Entry 0.4 — Microformat for decentralized tagging

by fredbird & 9 others
xFolk Entry 0.4 is a new iteration of the xFolk microformat that is extremely easy to implement. It enables the publication of tagged bookmarks so that they can be harvested on the web and aggregated into folksonomies. As such, xFolk eliminates the need to rely on centralized data repositories to create folksonomies.

May 2005


by fredbird & 107 others (via)
social bookmarking web-application

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