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Jolies pages web

by noelopan & 4 others
Recherche de sites selon leurs couleurs dominantes. Une recherche plus avancée permet de trouver des sites par différents critères (médias, présentations, langues...). Tutoriaux Photoshop, PHP, HTML, Flash, CSS, MySQL. Cahier des charges. » Video

by ycc2106 & 2 others is the world’s first broadband TV channel dedicated to environmental issues. Each film can be viewed in Flash, QuickTime, Media player, MPEG4 or podcast.

by noelopan & 2 others
Ressources et inspirations pour le Webdesign (en français).


Shadows: Flashfun Group

by macroron
a social bookmarking service for discovering, sharing and managing information on the web. Shadows supercharges this information with a "Shadow Page" — a community blog for any web page that includes views, ratings, tags, and comments by you, your frien

stamen: vox delicii

by svartling & 10 others (via)
This is an adaptation of In The News, a project that heat-mapped Google News mind-share from Spring 2004 through Summer 2005. I have stopped collecting information from Google News, and started looking at the Popular list of highly-linked websites. (why?) The stripes you see at top are a near-realtime cumulative view of popular sites posted to the social bookmarking service (if you don't see green and red stripes, you need Flash), organized by date and popularity.

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