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September 2009

IE6ify Bookmarklet

by ycc2106
After years of observation and reverse engineering I am proud to say I have been able to reproduce the IE6 algorithm to break even the most standards-compliant websites. Since it’s not possible to run IE6 natively on Windows Vista or 7 and IE6 in Linux Wine is a nightmare, I figured a lot of you would miss the old days. With IE6ify you can break any website in true IE6 fashion.

kwout | A brilliant way to quote

by ycc2106 & 7 others
"kwout" is a way you quote a part of a web page as an image with an image map. To use this service, all you need is to add our bookmarklet to your favorite browser.

Microformats Bookmarklet › Left Logic

by ycc2106 & 3 others
bring up an overlay window of all the hCards and hCalendars within the current page. To save an individual item, click on the item heading and it will automatically (if you’re using Safari) save the .vcf or .ics files and import them in to Address Book or iCal. If you are saving your vcard or vevent in IE, it will prompt you to save an HTML file - make sure that when you save, you name it appropriately so that you can import it properly.

August 2009

Spell Checking Firefox Bookmarklet ~ Web Upd8

by ycc2106
bookmarklet to enable Firefox webpage spellchecker originally by

Installer la bookmarklet Diigo sur votre iPhone

by nhoizey
« il [est] possible d’installer, et d’utiliser, la Diigolet sur iPhone exactement comme sur un Safari desktop »

A Quick Tutorial on JavaScript Bookmarklets

by holyver
Bookmarklets are very handy pieces of JavaScript code that you can bookmark

Make a Print Friendly Version of any WebPage, save Webpages as a PDF

by ycc2106 & 5 others
* Prints Clean: Our algorithm removes ads, navigation, and all the junk you don't want to print. * Prints Pretty: We use best practices in print Typography to format your document for great readability. * Customize: Save even more paper and ink, remove images, paragraphs, and Get PDF

July 2009

IE6ify Bookmarklet

by marco
After years of observation and reverse engineering I am proud to say I have been able to reproduce the IE6 algorithm to break even the most standards-compliant websites

Bookmaplet: Easy online street address mapping

by ycc2106
Do you want a quick and easy way to see the location of a street address? Without having to leave the webpage you are on?

June 2009 Post, Share and Bookmark instantly from your mobile...

by ycc2106
bookmark it in delicious, share it on Twitter, Facebook or Friendfeed, email it, etc… on your phone. Lets you also manage them URL shortner

May 2009

TidyRead Turns Your Web Reading into a Fast, Smooth, No-fringe Experience Again

by ycc2106
TidyRead is a service that extracts the text from almost any web site and displays it on an easy to read page that removes all of the clutter that can make reading on the internet so hard sometimes.

April 2009


by ycc2106 & 1 other
This form will create a short version of the given URLor the QRcode and display it big, so people can easily copy it from a projector to their laptop during demos.

iPhone-only Bookmarklet Installation

by simon_bricolo
Post a link to delicious via a bookmarklet with the iPhone

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