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by ycc2106
turn any URL into an RSS feed or email alert


Page2RSS - Create an RSS feed from any web site

by ycc2106 & 26 others
What is that all about? It is a service that helps you monitor web sites that do not publish feeds. It will check any web page for updates and deliver them to your favorite RSS aggregator. Add Page2RSS button to your browser You can add a button to your browser's bookmarks toolbar that will create Page2RSS feed for the page you are currently viewing. This is an easy and convenient way for you to create feeds for pages you are surfing. Drag this link to your browser toolbar, or right-click it and choose Bookmark This Link: Add to Page2RSS Annotated link

OPML Auto-discovery Bookmarklet

by philippej (via)
« The bookmarklet lists each of these files as Grazr hyperlinks: when you click on any of these a Grazr window is opened in a new tab, displaying the contents of the OPML file or the RSS feed. »

Hinale / 网聚你我,随心沟通

by jackiege & 2 others
Hinale是国内的一个新型的网页聚合工具,它的内容提交方式很新颖,你只需输入网页地址,Hinale会自动抓取该网页的所有内容,包括标题,当然你也可以对其进行再次编辑,完善或者修改相应内 » The Podcast Playlist Builder

by jackiege
Allows users to bookmark "already-online" media and constructs an RSS feed around your bookmarked items, which you can then give out to friends or just subscribe to yourself with iTunes or any other Podcatcher.

Durl, an RSS feed for URL queries

by ycc2106 & 20 others
Enter a url to retrieve information about people who delicious'ed it. already provides this service, Durl completes that with an RSS feed containing those results and trend history graphs. Don't miss the popular trends and now the

mfeeds media scrapper

by rickdog
MFeeds works by scanning the webpage for links to media files. Any links found are then added as enclosures for that item.


Shadows Home

by cnkenlee & 30 others
Tag. Comment. Rate. Discover. Share. Make every web page a community.

Site Submission MultiTool- Alan's Marklet Maker

by exiledsurfer & 80 others
bookmart submits simultaneously to furl, delicious, frassle, connotea, bag of urls, citeUlike, simpy, linkroll, spurl, and delirious or any combination thereof

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