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August 2006 : Create, Buy and Sell Unique Gifts, Custom T-Shirts and More

by jackiege & 14 others is an online marketplace that offers sellers complete e-commerce services to independently create and sell a wide variety of products, and offers buyers unique merchandise across virtually every topic. Launched in 1999, has emp

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Phaidon Design Classics - Phaidon Press

by rikaizm

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Embedded System Design

by YukuanBlog
對一些小型的應用而言,把 OS 納入系統中,不但多耗用硬體資源,還可能使系統的複雜度增加了許多。 「甚麼情況下才需要把 OS 安置到 embedded system 內?」--這是一個好的思考點。

The 20' By 20' Room: John Kirk's Design Patterns of Successful Roleplaying Games

by bcpbcp (via)
John Kirk has written a book, Design Patterns of Successful Roleplaying Games, in which he tries to catalogue successful game mechanics, why they work, and when (and when not) to use them. Design patterns are a communication tool from software development -- the idea is that successful projects will tend to have recurring patterns, and that by naming and describing them and the situations that call for their use, we can make it easier to turn tacit, experiential knowledge into a teachable skill.

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Gamasutra - Book Excerpt - "Patterns in Game Design: Using Design Patterns"

by bcpbcp
The following is a selected excerpt of Chapter 4 from Patterns in Game Design (ISBN 1-53450-354-8) published by Charles River Media, Inc.

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