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November 2007

Making Link Bait and Viral Marketing Work - Part Six - Search Engine Guide Blog

by lukeslytalker
Two of the most popular buzz words in the online marketing realm right now are link baiting and viral marketing. These two tactics are a great way to build links and to build branding when constrained by small marketing budgets, but there are several...

October 2007

Using Craigslist to Promote your Website

by lukeslytalker
Not many bloggers utilize craigslist to promote their blogs. I have been using it for a few months now. I often publish several ads per week in different cities. Why should you use craigslist? It’s Free

September 2007

The Mullet Strategy - Featured on BuzzFeed

by lukeslytalker
The biggest sites on the web are all embracing the "mullet strategy" - business up front, party in the back! User generated content is all the rage but most of it totally sucks.

August 2007

Give Me Your Best Shot » Blog-Op

by lukeslytalker
Have you ever written a post that never really got the response you hoped for? One that you may have laboured hard over, or felt that you really nailed, but the general response was ‘meh’?

July 2007

How to Really Get on the Reddit Frontpage and Make Money

by lukeslytalker
How to Really Get on the Reddit Frontpage (and make money from it)

Dosh Dosh

by lukeslytalker
Make Money Online & Get Traffic by Submitting Your Site to MySpace News

Dosh Dosh - Make Money Online

by lukeslytalker
Earn Money with Poll Widgets - Vizu Answers

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