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Foxpro.catalyst :: FoxPro workBLOGS and more

by sachachua
Software developer in the Philippines. Prolific blogger with lots of inline linking

Ramil Sagum's blog

by sachachua
Philippine Linux Users' Group, Astra (Philippines), Japan.

Clair Ching -- Weird Concoctions

by sachachua
Clair's also from Pisay. Cool girl, quite a character.

Dominique Cimafranca's blog

by sachachua
IBM pre-sales technical guy. Writes tech columns. Posts sketches and haiku. Nice person.

Peppy Salita's blog -- rantings

by sachachua
Peppy Salita's another real-life friend. He's into collectible card games, Monty Python, making Flash animations, and assorted other things. Also part of our poi / spinners group.

Marcelle Fabie's blog -- It's true! It's true!

by sachachua & 1 other
Marcelle Fabie is one of my friends. Currently a philosophy teaching assistant and a part-time disc jockey. Posts short stories and poems on his website, as well as frequent personal entries. Tends to blog about my personal life more than I do.