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17 April 2008

16 April 2008

03 April 2008

28 March 2008

24 March 2008


by springnet
Mashups for social change? Apparently, you're not the only one that thinks this is a good idea. Last week, 122 project ideas were submitted to the annual NetSquared Mashup Challenge.

Wikio Blogs

by alexandre & 6 others
Un top des blogs, avec classement par catégories.

23 March 2008


by springnet
SheGeeks is a social network and social media discussion blog. Here, you can find the latest news on new social networks and media tools, technology, twitter, friendfeed, rssmeme, linkriver, web applications, web services and more.

22 March 2008

Deep Blue Wordpress Theme Released

by springnet
elegant theme created by Nathan Rice. Easy adsense integration

20 March 2008

Social Media

by springnet
they've got all the social media covered, Scoble, Mashable, ReadWriteWeb,, pr2.0, tantek, emily chang, horsepigcow and more

18 March 2008

Utterz - Get Started

by springnet
With Utterz, you can instantly share your news by creating a multi-media posting in voice, video, picture and text, right from your mobile phone, or online. It's fast and simple, free, and works with every phone, on every carrier.

Rudy Jahchan

by springnet
Casey Mckinnon's show producer and videographer writer, directory, coder, hack and a "walking media production house" shows include Galacticast, a Comicbook Orange, and Kitkast

17 March 2008


by springnet
Scoble's new venture after podtech... great time at sxsw in Austin w Scoble and friends at Salt Lick BBQ

13 March 2008

Bon pour ton poil » Parano, mais presque

by Kozlika
Puis à force d’inadvertances, des gens te lisent. Au début ça va, ils s’appellent Mitsu23 et KeViN_lE_bOgOsS (mais moins), puis de fil en dé à coudre, ils commencent à s’appeler maman, Hans (mais si, ton pote d’école primaire que tu avais perdu de vue et qui t’a retrouvé en lisant un article sur la saucisse de veau) et encore heureusement, tu as eu la présence d’être fils unique.

12 March 2008

The Social - CNET

by springnet
Caroline McCarthy's sxsw blog . . . see also my video of Caroline performing as a rock star at Austin's Cedar Street Courtyard along with Leah Culver, Zadi Diaz, Veronica Belmont and Casey Mckinnon

09 March 2008

06 March 2008

A Photo A Day

by springnet
is a personal project of mine to keep me motivated over the next year to shoot more and publish more. Not everything here will be new but it will all be shot by me. More of my work can be found at JPG Magazine or my SmugMug Galleries.

Doug March » Design, Development and Music Intelligence

by springnet
With today being Super Tuesday, two days after Super Sunday and the same day as Mardi Gras we thought it would be good to make some updates to politweets.

Perfect Porridge — Music, Minneapolis, Mutiny

by springnet
Here’s Tristan Prettyman’s cover of the song “New Soul.” You’ll probably recognize it from the Macbook Air commercial.

Make Money Blogging

by springnet
The following income streams (from a number of blogs) have helped me to earn a six figure income each year for the last three years from blogging. I’ve ranked them from highest to lowest.

03 March 2008

by springnet
There are many ways to see what’s going on from the official site, Upcoming, Facebook and the SXSW Insider on Ning to name few.

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