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January 2009

Choosing the Best Location for Your New Blog - Web Development Blog

by Monique
Advantages and disadvantages for integrating a blog into your website, or installing it in a subdirectory, subdomain, or on a completely new domain.

December 2008

Les blogs sont-ils un danger ? Réagissez ! | RTBF INFO

by Monique
Faut-il légiférer en la matière ? Comment les politiques vont-ils utiliser le web dans le cadre de la campagne pour les élections

November 2008

Contextual Discussions - The most important feature of

by dhiraj
The best thing about collaborating via comments is the fact that the comments always remain attached to the content (or the context) of the stuff that you were working on. Its always search-able and reference-able by any body else that is interested in or joins the team.

PACTE Multimedia - Présentation du Pacte Multimédia

by fotopol
présentation du pacte multimedia, accès à de nombreuses ressources,blogs,jeux,recherche,digital, un guide pour survivre dans la jungle numérique

October 2008

Multiple Blogs– Wordpress Direct Review

by jbshort
Wordpress Direct is a new product in a long line of automated Internet marketing systems that seem to be in vogue now. My guess is that these automated systems are popular because there are so many new marketers who are trying to quickly get their piece of the pie.

Webatou, le retour

by Monique
Le blog Webatou revient, avec un nouveau nom de domaine

September 2008

August 2008


by antoine & 1 other
"a celebration of the perfect portrait"

July 2008

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