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05 December 2005

Protopage Blog

by macroron & 1 other
personalized news + sticky notes + bookmarks, all on one page. free AJAX start pages now with RSS news feeds, sticky notes and bookmarks

03 December 2005

01 December 2005

The Progressive Blog Alliance HQ - News - Tech News +

by macroron
an emergent, self-organized network of independent activists, journalists, and writers. We do not exclusively identify ourselves with a single nation, but rather our world society as a whole. We recognize that on a fundamental level, we are all one.

The Geek Guy Rants Blog

by macroron
Following Technology in every Direction

29 November 2005

Niall Kennedy's Weblog

by macroron & 6 others
Blogs, search, RSS, Atom, business news, and general geekery

3quarksdaily: Links

by macroron
Science, Art, Architecture, Literature, Philosophy, Politics

3quarksdaily Blog

by macroron & 1 other
Science, Art, Architecture, Literature, Philosophy, Politics

28 November 2005

Openomy, OmniDrive and AllMyData - Online Storage Just Got Interesting!

by macroron
Mashable Blog: Internet Entrepreneur ~Pete Cashmore on Web 2.0. I'm an entrepreneur, internet consultant and blogger. I'm currently working on projects involving open APIs and Web 2.0, including a startup called Noodly, which launches in early 2006. I'm a

A VC Blog - Musings of a VC in NYC

by macroron & 1 other
New York venture capitalist. Writes engagingly about this most mystified of businesses.

27 November 2005

O'Reilly Radar Blog

by macroron & 19 others
tags by, photos by Flickr, trends by the Yahoo!/O'Reilly Buzz Market -- we'll draw from the wisdom of the alpha geeks, amplify the weak signals, draw out effective design patterns, iterate, and see if we can predict the next Mosaic, P2P, or Am

25 November 2005

Burning Questions - The Official FeedBurner Weblog

by macroron & 2 others
an informal support and news weblog about FeedBurner, everyone's favorite feed enhancement service.

Michael Parekh on IT Blog

by macroron
Ruminations on the Internet, Technology, and Interesting Trends around the globe.

24 November 2005

Related Weblogs | Lambda the Ultimate

by macroron
Many in the weblog community are interested in programming and programming languages. Following are some PL related personal weblogs you may enjoy reading. The LtU community is part of the larger blogging community full of of insightful people. Fun!

Technosight Blog - Web2.0, Blogging, and Tech News

by macroron
“New Internet” technologies like blogs, RSS, and wikis can help you work efficiently and communicate effectively.

23 November 2005

Church of the Customer Blog

by macroron & 1 other
All about word of mouth, customer evangelism and citizen marketers.

Sixapart: LiveJournal

by macroron
one of the web's largest online communities, organized around personal journals.

Greg Yardley’s Internet Blog

by macroron
online comparison shopping, user-generated metadata (especially tags and 'folksonomies'), webservices, RSS, and blogging. I'm also interested in the social implications of these technologies.

KBCafe Profiles Top 500 Blogs

by macroron
KBCafe Profiles uses Google blog (link) search, IceRocket blog (link) search, BlogPulse blog (link) search, Technorati Top 100 rankings, Blogrolling Top 500 rankings, FeedBurner subscription data, Feedster Top 500 rankings, R|mail subscription data t

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