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Blogging 2.0 and Professional Blogging

by springnet
The reality is that Web 2.0 is finally catching up to blogging. The walled gardens of singular blogs are making way to social interaction across multiple platforms. @shey thanks to tim shey for the pointer to this on his blog


by springnet
Mashups for social change? Apparently, you're not the only one that thinks this is a good idea. Last week, 122 project ideas were submitted to the annual NetSquared Mashup Challenge.

by springnet
There are many ways to see what’s going on from the official site, Upcoming, Facebook and the SXSW Insider on Ning to name few.


CleverClogs: OnePipe : the Single-Button Generic Feed Filtering Bookmarklet

by springnet
pointers and tips related to desktop and web alert services, news readers and personal productivity


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