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Work Happy Now!

by springnet
Maximizing your work happiness should be the theme of your working life. Happiness creates success. When you stop putting in the hours and start extracting joy from work, you'll be successful.'s Blog 100 | CNET

by springnet
In 2006, CNET introduced you to our first Blog 100 list. With more than 14 million blogs in existence that year and another 80,000 being created each day, we highlighted what we thought were some of the ones worth checking out. Blogs have become Silicon Valley Blog

by springnet
home for early adopters, tech geeks, RSS addicts, and Mac freaks. TiVo, sports, politics. Good daily read.

Deep Blue Wordpress Theme Released

by springnet
elegant theme created by Nathan Rice. Easy adsense integration


One Blog Many Categories or Many Blogs?

by springnet
Am I better off having one blog site with multiple categories or multiple blog sites highlighting specific interests?’


Le blog de Jean-Louis Gassée : Microsoft répond à l'attaque de Google

by talou
Résumé du chapitre précédent: Google élimine Microsoft, mat en trois coups.

7 transformations pour des textes à fort impact - Référencement, Design et Cie

by talou & 5 others
Poursuivant mes recherches sur l'écriture web, je vous propose aujourd'hui la traduction partielle d'un article de Dave Nolan, intitulé "High impact copywriting, fast". Dave y propose 7 règles de rédaction pour des textes efficaces en terme de persuasion et d'appel à l'action

Odeo: Record and Share Audio

by & 40 others
Essayer il semble que l'on peut enregistrer directement une note. Du coup on peut aussi l'envoyer


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