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January 2006

Integrating Bloglines and []

by rickdog & 9 others
changes Bloglines "Clip/Blog" this to "Post to".

by xderam

Jan's Tech Blog: Blogines

by ecmanaut & 4 others
Greasemonkey integration between and Bloglines, adding "Expand" links that convert snippet feeds into full content ones and makes the "Extras" section toggleable.

December 2005

Micro Persuasion: Ten Bloglines Hacks

by fossa & 4 others (via)
bloglines十个使用技巧 包括iPod阅读,IM通知等

November 2005

October 2005

Bloglines Mobile and More

by sidekick
Bloglines 的手機版!

Peer Pressure » Bloglines Sidebar Squeezer

by nhoizey
Ever want to squeeze more feeds into the Bloglines sidebar? If so, the Bloglines Sidebar Squeezer is for you. It’s a Greasemonkey script that removes the pretty but useless header and moves the options so that they appear under the feeds.