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August 2009

Crédito Pessoal

by minijogos
Articles with informations about credit cards, personal loans, etc.

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February 2008

5 More Tips on Increasing Blogging Productivity

by blogsir
1、Collect a list of URLs. 2、Double up sources. 3、Use a power web browser. 4、Customize bookmark folders. 5、Summarize and expand. 6、Use an in-browser editor.

10 Things That Bloggers Tend to Forget, But Shouldn’t!

by blogsir
1. Proofread. 2. Backup. 3. Link to older posts. 4. Answer to comments. 5. Answer to emails. 6. Approve comments. 7. Check the spam folder. 8. Upgrade WordPress. 9. Update WordPress plugins. 10. Network.

January 2008


by blogsir
1、文章的主要观点是什么?表达清楚了没有? 2、我希望该文的读者做些什么?我是否引导他们这么做? 3、文章是否有用? 4、内容是否唯一? 5、我所写的是拉近还是偏离了我的博客目标? 6、是否使用了吸引人的标题? 7、拼写和语法是否正确? 8、是否能够更简介些? 9、是否注明引用或启发的来源? 10、是否链接到以前的相关文章,或其他blogger的类似文章? 11、是否给读者留有评论的空间?是否请求他们评论? 12、访客会通过什么样的关键词搜索这个话题?是否对这些关键词进行了优化? 13、该怎样对这篇文章进行延伸? 翻译自Problogger的13 Questions to Ask Before Publishing a Post On Your Blog


by blogsir
1. 你实际写的东西要比发布出来的文章多。 2. 关闭自动通知功能。 3. 少检查邮箱,多花时间处理邮件。 4. 当你感觉有灵感时,写多些文章。 6. 把多个任务一起处理。 7. 制定一个“准备发布”的列表。 8.要有一些想法保留着。 9. 花更少的时间阅读feed。 10.写文章之前列一个提纲。

Top 10 Blogging Don’ts

by blogsir
1、Don’t ignore your readers 2、 Don’t disappear: Post regularly 3、 Don’t be anonymous 4、 Don’t wrap your blog in advertising wrapping paper 5、 Don’t tell your readers nothing 6、 Don’t be overly sensitive 7、 Don’t forget your words live online for a long, long time 8、 Don’t forget to link 9、 Don’t forget to proofread 10、Don’t make readers sign up or register to leave a comment


by blogsir

10 Simple Productivity Tips for Bloggers

by blogsir
1. Write more than you publish. 2. Turn off auto-notifiers. 3. Check email less, deal with more. 4. Write multiple posts when you’re feeling creative. 5. Use your feed reader as an all-purpose inbox. 6. Process different tasks in batches. 7. Develop a ‘To Post’ list. 8. Keep a reserve of post ideas. 9. Spend less time reading feeds. 10. Sketch out your posts before filling in the detail.

25 Blog Improvement Tips For The New Year

by blogsir & 1 other
1. Figure out what you’re really an expert in. 2. Put your readers first. 3. Subscribe to other blogs. 4. Comment on other blogs. 5. Link to other blogs. 6. Have a reader survey to find out what your readers really think about your blog. 7. Change your ads around. 8. Declutter your blog. 9. Sign up at a new social networking service. 10. Hold a blog contest. 11. Set up automated blog back ups. 12. Update your blog’s software. 13. Update your plugins. 14. Write for another blog. 15. Ask people to write for your blog. 16. Take a vacation. 17. Set up a blog posting schedule. 18. Throw out your blog posting schedule. 19. Choose (or create) a new theme. 20. Write from a new perspective. 21. Change your writing environment. 22. Stir things up. 23. Use more images. 24. Get more personal. 25. Remind yourself that blogging is fun.


by blogsir
1、资源列表 2、技巧列表 3、有效的建议 4、讨论热门话题 5、引人注目的标题 6、采访名人问答 7、最佳系列的列表

December 2007

How to keep your visitors feel at home

by blogsir
- Provide the content that your blog says it would give. - Be friendly - Market yourself but visitors aren’t fools - Respect them - Communicate with them

One Blog Many Categories or Many Blogs?

by springnet
Am I better off having one blog site with multiple categories or multiple blog sites highlighting specific interests?’

23 Great Ideas For Blog Posts

by blogsir
1、Write a book review. 2、Review a product. 3、Review a popular blog or website about your topic. 4、Make a list of available resources. 5、Explain something about your subject that might be confusing to newbies. 6、Tell why or how you first got interested in this topic. 7、Do a review of a relatively unknown but good blog in your niche. 8、Take a stand. 9、Tell about some mistake that you made and what you learned from it. 10、Do a case study. 11、Conduct an experiment and tell the results. 12、Do an analysis of something. 13、Find some offbeat or weird website on your topic and link to it. 14、Find a good video about your topic on YouTube, and embed it in your post. 15、If you are a little more adventurous, create your own video post. 16、Be different. Do something unexpected. State something which goes against popular opinion. 17、Find a big topic and do a series of posts about it. 18、Run a poll. After it is done, discuss the results. 19、Interview someone and post the interview on your blog. 20、Take something technical and explain it in a step-by-step way. 21、Tell about a personal experience. 22、Use humor. 23、Make a list.

Live Blogging Tips

by blogsir
总结的一些Blogging 经验


by blogsir
The three Cs of a successful blogger 1、Content Content is still king, no matter what anyone else tells you. 2、Consistency Consistency applies to blogging in two important ways: voice and publishing. 3、Consistency In the blogosphere, this is perhaps the most important step when it comes to gaining traffic and notoriety.

Use These 10 Tips to Write Your Most Popular Post Ever

by blogsir
1. Time is more important than talent. 2. Use your best idea. 3. Use formatting to your advantage. 4. Brainstorm headlines. 5. Invest plenty of value in your post. 6. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 7. Tell them what you’re going to tell them. 8. Send messages with links. 9. Utilize your network. 10. Examine what worked before.

16 Things To Do After Starting A New WordPress Blog

by blogsir
1、Blog Design 2、Add Categories 3、Add an About Page 4、Install All In One SEO Pack 5、Customize Permalink Structure 6、Create a FeedBurner feed for your blog 7、Install the FeedBurner FeedSmith plugin 8、Put a RSS button on your blog 9、Start Writing 10、Install the Google Sitemaps plugin 11、Create a Robots.txt file 12、Add your Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools 13、Set preferred domain 14、Install Akismet plugin 15、Add a Contact form 16、Install Subscribe to Comments

8 Bad Decisions When Starting a New Website

by blogsir
1、Free or Cheap Web Hosting 2、Not Buying a Domain Name 3、Not Getting the Right Domain Name 4、Designing Exclusively for Search Engines 5、Prioritizing the Look Over the Content 6、Forgetting About the Target Market 7、Poor Navigation 8、Ineffective Keyword Targeting Another one that I added in the comments was to make sure that the domain you are buying has not been banned by Google in the past. You can research that with iWebTool.

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