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Like and Dislike Rating System for Blogger

by Kingo
This guide will help you install a like and dislike button for each post on your blog and support share button also.


flash player : mosalsalat

by Kingo
Downloads - mosalsalat - flash player - Google Project Hosting - modieus.swf

4 choices of social icons to follow your blog,

by Kingo
4 choices of social icons to follow your blog, using a single image and animation


Web Toolbar - Get More Clicks with the Hello Bar Notification Bar

by Kingo
Web Toolbar - Get More Clicks with the Hello Bar Notification Bar

Open Close Change Image

by Kingo
The example you can see in my sidebar. There are several ways or utilities for this code. The main thing to consider is working with id which must always be different, in the example of letters going to change but can be numbers or words are always different.


Remove border around image uploaded in blogger

by Kingo
This is easy to change! You will look for the code that you wish to change, which is .post img code in the CSS style sheet. How to completely REMOVE the border that appears around a posted photo within a post on Blogger??

How To Insert Flash SWF Files to Blogger

by Kingo
This tutorial will explain to you how to embed flash files into your blogger blog.

How To Host JavaScript Files on Google Code+Unlimited Bandwidth

by Kingo
Do you want to host your external java script files in unlimited bandwidth?If you host your files in google code you can do it for free .It helps your page load faster than other free webhosting services.

Blogger Tips And Tricks | Latest Tips For Bloggers

by Kingo
Latest Tips for Bloggers for easy blogging and Making Money.blogger,blogspot tips and tricks.Latest dummies guide,Hacks,widgets,JavaScript,HTML,SEO,jQuery,Google AdSense,How monetize Blogger blogs.

Create a 3 column blogger template with 2 right columns

by Kingo
In this tutorial i will teach you how to create a 3 column blogger template with two narrow columns on the right and a section above the two columns here's a simple screenshot of the layout I'm planning to teach you to build

Recent posts for blogger with thumbnails and Simple Spy

by Kingo
Alhamdulillah, finally I made modification the widget from and animation Simple Spy . Simple Spy style taken from Scarlet theme, results for wordpress can be found in this blog.


Orangoo Labs - GreyBox

by Kingo & 13 others
GreyBox can be used to display websites, images and other content in a beautiful way.



by Kingo
beaucoup d'astuces et tutoriels pour construire son blog

Using a Lightbox for your Pictures

by Kingo
utilisation d'un script java pour photos sur son site

Blog Navigator

by Kingo
Using Blog Navigator, readers can click buttons or links on your blog's main, archive and item pages to allow them to quickly jump between comments, articles and archives. For discussion, troubleshooting and extensions, please see Freshblog. If you've got some nice template hacks to show off

Blog and Web

by Kingo
un blog espagnole qui donne beaucoup d'aide aux débutants blogger



Tags, Categories, Technorati

by ecmanaut
I don't believe Blogger executes any PHP code in Blogger templates, though; you're pretty much limited to javascript, and to get that to work with an RSS feed, the feed needs to be fetched from the same domain as the blog itself.

Browservulsel: Blogger backlinks the custom way

by ecmanaut
How simple and robust it became if one didn't bother with the custom foldable bits Blogger offer for folding and unfolding the backlinks, which I took to doing of my own with what little Blogger offers in scripted provisions for that. I really ought to st

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