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Comment analyser le SEO de votre site pour booster son trafic

by hapachan & 2 others
Mais,bon sang, pourquoi n’ai-je que 30 ou 40 visites par jour sur mon site ? C’est déprimant, non ?


طريقة جعل جميع روابط مدونتك NoFlow

by hapachan
من أهم الأشياء لتحسين الأرشفة و تقدم موقعك فى محركات البحث أن تجعل الروابط الخارجية التى تؤدى إلى مواقع أخرى الموجودة بموقعك من نوع نوفلو (NoFlow)


How to Create Google Custom Search Engine (GSE) For Website

by hapachan
Today we will see how to make Google custom search engine to search out your blog or website easily.

Setting Up A 404 Error Page For Blogger Blog

by hapachan
In this tutorial i will teach you to enable and customize 404 Error page for your blogger blog.

Showing Post Title Before Blog Title In Search Results

by hapachan
By default your Blog Title appears before the Blog Post Title in the search results.


23 Blog Directories To Submit Your Blog To

by hapachan & 1 other
23 Blog Directories To Submit Your Blog To


Open Close Change Image

by hapachan
The example you can see in my sidebar. There are several ways or utilities for this code. The main thing to consider is working with id which must always be different, in the example of letters going to change but can be numbers or words are always different.


Remove border around image uploaded in blogger

by hapachan
This is easy to change! You will look for the code that you wish to change, which is .post img code in the CSS style sheet. How to completely REMOVE the border that appears around a posted photo within a post on Blogger??

How to split your blogs header into two widgets

by hapachan
This post shows how you can split your blogs header into two widgets like the following screenshot

How Split Blogger Header Into Two Sections

by hapachan
How Split Blogger header Into Two different Sections,

How to put Adsense code in middle of blogger post

by hapachan
Normally each visitor visits your blog to read post. So if you put adsense in the middle or anywhere of post, ads can get clicked more frequently. It will help to earn more $$.

50 DoFollow Blogs to Increase your Page Rank

by hapachan
The webmasters are mostly busy to increase the page rank of their initial website. Guest Posting, blog commenting and forum posting is famous way to made some positive change on your blog page rank.


by hapachan
Best Blogger-Wordpress Templates, Tutorials and Hosting -

Adding a column (sidebar) to Blogger template

by hapachan
In this tutorial we will attempt to create an additional column or sidebar to Minima Blogger template layout. We will add an exact copy of the existing sidebar (in pink). The main column, which contains post area will be left intact.

Icon Variations on Sidebar Titles

by hapachan
Have you ever seen a blog with icon variations of one widget with another widget?

How To Host JavaScript Files on Google Code+Unlimited Bandwidth

by hapachan
Do you want to host your external java script files in unlimited bandwidth?If you host your files in google code you can do it for free .It helps your page load faster than other free webhosting services.

Hack Tutors and Blogger Tricks, Tutorials and Social Media Tips

by hapachan
Promotion of Blogging technology. Learn the tricks and tips about our developed technology. Going ahead with all the active bloggers.

Blogger Showcase

by hapachan
showcasing the best blogger news, tutorials and the blog templates

Blogger Widgets

by hapachan
Blogger Widgets provides you the best quality blogger tutorials.It also provides you with free blogger widgets and gadgets to build a better blog.

Blogging Tips

by hapachan & 1 other
Blogging Tips & Blogger Category Feed

Blog Bulk - Blogger templates and Blog help

by hapachan
Free Blogger templates and layouts. Learn how to tweak your own Blogger template with step by step tutorials. Blog optimization and up-to-date Blogger support.

Google Sitemaps - Ajouter un blog de

by hapachan
Google Sitemaps, l'un des Outils pour les webmasters, permet au webmaster d'influencer l'indexation et ainsi modifier le résultat des recherches sur Google. Le sitemap d'un site est un fichier texte ou xml, mais le flux RSS d'un blog sur se présente comme un flux Atom.

Sitemap complet pour Blogger

by hapachan
Lorsque vous serez inscrit sur dans les divers moteurs, ils vous demanderont un Sitemap" Ce n'est pas une obligation, mais c'est préférable. Il est donc important d'avoir un sitemap compréhensible pour les différents moteurs

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