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April 2008

Flickr Blog

by sbrothier
Les rumeurs sont bien fondées et le jour est arrive. Nous sommes très heureux de vous annoncer l’arrivée de la vidéo sur Flickr. Si vous êtes déjà un détenteur d’un compte pro, vous pouvez partager 90 inoubliables secondes dans votre galerie.

March 2008

Motionographer | YouTube: Secret Higher Quality Action

by kruty & 1 other
Try this: When viewing a movie on YouTube, add &fmt=18 to the end of the URL. In addition to slight video improvement, you should also notice increased audio quality. Notice I use the word “slight.” I hope YouTube goes further than this humble baby step towards something more like Vimeo’s level of quality. There’s also a Firefox extension that supports higher-quality YouTube playback (among a list of other enhancements).

Blog : LOL: The Life of Leo

by springnet
To begin with we’re going to stream everything we do at TWiT, including the production of all our shows, live and interactive. To that end we’re adding considerable bandwidth: a T1 line and a cable modem to our existing DSL connectivity. We’ll Skype


by springnet
GoYoDeo is a free video player that allows anyone to publish their personal video content ON TOP of their blogs, social networks and websites.

by springnet
Bonny - or is it Bonnie - Pierzina played drums in the rock band performance with Veronica Belmont, Casey Mckinnon, and Leah Culver at Cedar Street Courtyard on 4th street, Austin, TX. Video at


by springnet
This is the video diary and stand-up comedy show of Ewan Spence.

Clan du Néon

by boninmat & 3 others
Actions non-violentes pour lutter contre les enseignes lumineuses qui gâchent de l'électricité et nous imposent de la publicité indésirable la nuit, pendant les horaires de fermeture des magasins.

February 2008

SXSW Videos - Capturing the scenes of South By!

by springnet
viddler has launched this cool way to jot down video notes at SXSW in Austin, TX March 7 - 11 2008 at the Austin Convention Center.


by springnet
add links on to video, you grab a video from youtube etc. and add hypertext to it. works on flash currently works w top 20 video sharing sites

The Acid Sweat Lodge

by smvisuals
get wasted and discuss the universe

Smashing Magazine

by julien.c & 47 others
blog-portail de ressources dans les domaines du graphisme, de la programmation, du web, de la vidéo...

January 2008

Exclusives: The Tom Cruise Indoctrination Video Scientologists Don't Want You To See

by springnet
Didn't get a chance to watch the terrifyingly creepy Tom Cruise video yesterday before Scientologists pulled it off YouTube? Well, we've managed to get our hands on a copy and now we'd like to invite you to watch in all its technicolor glory.

Julien Lecomte’s Blog » High Performance Ajax Applications - Video Presentation

by greut

a talk (at Yahoo!) about High Performance Ajax Applications

video and slides on slideshare. - Upload, Enhance, Share

by springnet & 6 others
You can upload many videos at once, and in various formats, too (.mov .avi .wmv .mpeg). You also won't have to worry about file size — just keep any video you upload under 500 Mb.

December 2007

oomsa | my world for your entertainment

by jdrsantos
quoting the site : I love plagiary so this my wording and mine alone, "This page is about me and why everything I like is great. If you disagree with anything you find on this page, you are wrong." I most definitely did not steal that from Maddox.

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