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March 2007


by chunmin & 20 others
Bloxpress is an theme that acts as a plugin between your favourite theme and the Bloxpress system. Bloxpress enables you and your visitors to modify your website live by simply using drag and drop.

Digg 3 Columns WordPress Theme | WPDesigner WordPress Themes

by chunmin
Digg 3 Columns is an extended version of my Digg-like Wordpress theme (two columns).

insomniaque » 2カラム?3カラム?

by plasticdreams

February 2007

Anaconda Theme

by chunmin
Anaconda Theme for WordPress 2.x blogs is a free next generation 3 column CSS based WordPress theme provided by us.

Simply Basic - Theme Wordpress

by arthur_lm
A minimalistic wordpress theme that’s standards compliant, xhtml valid (strict), and widgets ready.

January 2007

Glued Ideas Development Blog

by chunmin
Subtle is the first public theme released by Glued Ideas. Designed for sites that have multiple authors, Subtle also makes use of WordPress Widgets, making customization a snap.

December 2006

Vertigo Wordpress Theme : Brian Gardner

by chunmin
Vertigo is a very modern theme created for Wordpress. It has a 3-column layout and a 3-column footer.

WordPress Themes:3Column K2 - WP.ORG.CN

by chunmin
I decided to make a 3 column version using very little changes possible from the original. The result is the 3 Column K2 which you are currently watching on this blog.

November 2006

October 2006

Squible » Squible

by chunmin & 2 others
This is the home for the Squible Wordpress theme. The purpose of theme (besides putting out something that’s different from the herd) is to promote the use of social networking within Wordpress.

September 2006

August 2006

Theme viewer

by chunmin & 57 others

July 2006

Settling on a Blog Theme with AdSense

by animallover
How to integrate AdSense and raw code in a WordPress blog theme

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