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Loic Le Meur Blog: My social map is totally decentralized but I want it back on my blog

by springnet
The challenge for Friendfeed and the like is that while I really like all my services gathered in one place, I would rather that these would be centralized on my blog instead of a third party service. Yes you can cross post or add badges, but it's not rea

Home of the Geotag Icon Project

by camel & 3 others (via)
The Geotag Icon is intended as a web "standard" icon for identifying geotagged content to humans. The advent of inexpensive GPS devices and free tools like Google Maps or Flickr Map mean that more and more people are associating their content (typically blog posts or photos) with a specific geographic location. Such "geotagging" stores coordinates within metadata or microformat tags—where machines can find them but people can't. That's where the Geotag Icon comes in. It provides a visual reference to a map link, or if no link is yet made helps viewers recognize the geographic relevance of the content. It's free, easy to use and helps us all visualize the developing semantic web.


by blogsir
If you are travelling the world or planning to do so, sign up with myMapBlog to let your family and friends know where you are.


:: Search Locations ::

by rrhobbs
R. Richard Hobbs NYC Area Film Location Scout, Film Location Manager, Film Location Library and Photo Location and Production Services Search Locations

Des cartes pour analyser vos visites

by Giraultises & 43 others (via)
Measure Map est un service de statistique pour vos sites ou blogs. Tout est basé sur l'analyse géographique de vos visiteurs. De plus l'interface est très propre et simple, en résumé une ergonomie très intéressante.

Créer vos cartes Google via une bonne application

by Giraultises & 10 others (via)
Click2Map est une application très intéressant pour vous aider à élaborer vos cartes basées sur Google Map. Vous pourrez très facilement intégrer des markeur et aussi exporter vos cartes sur vos sites ou blogs.



by fox_b

Mettre du Google Map dans vos pages

by kpd4 & 8 others
Google a mis en ligne une interface graphique pour joindre à votre site Internet ou blog une API Google Map en toute simplicité.

Mettre du Google Map dans vos pages

by Giraultises & 8 others (via)
Google a mis en ligne une interface graphique pour joindre à votre site Internet ou blog une API Google Map en toute simplicité.

Map and GIS News Blog for UK, Europe and World

by mapperz & 1 other
Map and GIS finding blog... for UK, Europe and Worldwide Maps

London Bloggers

by transid
Annuaires des blogs de Londres s'appuyant sur le plan du métro...

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