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Prosthetick Knowledge

by vinberto
Blog about technology and art. describes itself as: Information that a person does not know, but can access as needed using technology




Thoduv’s devblog » Blog Archive » Vidage de poubelle 3: ndsim

by sylvainulg
pas mal de libs intéressantes utilisées : dstype (truetypes), multi-threading software par Tim Seidel, chargement de plugin (inspiré de Moonshell) ...

Mozilla Labs » Blog Archive » Introducing Bespin

by Xavier Lacot & 4 others
Bespin is the new prject of the Mozilla Labs. It is an online code editor. The first 0.1 release includes support for basic editing features, such as syntax highlighting, large file sizes, undo/redo, previewing files in the browser, importing/exporting projects, etc.


PHP Code Conventions mit CodeSniffer und Subversion » Beitrag » Ronny's Blog

by Xavier Lacot & 1 other
A simple guide on how to setup php code validation as a subversion pre-commit hook.

Microblogging avec Drupal

by yannp
La suite avec quelques explications !

Microblogging avec Drupal

by yannp
encore en développement !

Official Google Docs Blog: Embed your forms

by kasi77
Since we launched spreadsheet forms in January, one of the top user questions has been "How can I embed my form into a website or blog?" Last night, we added this option. You'll see this new feature during form creation, when you're prompted to invite people to fill out your form. Just skip the invitation step and look for "Embed" in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Paste the code provided into your blog or website.

Ayman Hourieh's Blog

by springnet
thoughts on Open Source software, Computer Science, and various bits from my life and the web.

Amy Editor - A Collaborative Text and Source Code Editor for Developers

by camel & 1 other
Core features * Works in your browser (*) * Support for any programming language (**) * Unlimited number of views for one document * Smart code snippets * Full internationalization * Real-time document collaboration * Programmable bundles with Editor * Various color themes * Remote commands, text manipulation * Supports opening documents via FTP, WebDAV, local computer, customized projects and various blog APIs * Easily embeddable to your own page * Host computer clipboard integration (*) Amy can be comfortably run on Safari and Gecko-based browsers (Firefox, Camino, Seamonkey,...) on any OS. It's runnable on Internet Explorer 6,7 and Opera 9 , but it's not officially supported and user experience may not be pleasant. (**) Languages are supported through bundles. It's very easy to add support for your favorite language (and/or dialects). Currently implemented are C, C , C#, JavaScript, Ruby (on Rails), PHP, Java, Texy and HTML. Text editing features * Syntax highlighting * Smart indentation for each language * Code folding * Bookmarks * Word completion * Insert/Overwrite mode * Unlimited undo/redo * Intelligent character pairing * Customizable key shortcuts (*)

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