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July 2007 Science

by ktsch & 2 others (via)
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Free video lectures, audio lectures and animations on Science and Technology

by scorpio88 & 1 other (via)
It has video lectures and animations on Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Electronics, VLSI Design, ASIC Design, Computer Science, C, C++, Java, Networking, Health Sciences, Medical, web designing, Genetics, Neuroscience, Biology, Mechanical, Aerospace, Astronomy, video lectures, audio lectures, animations, microbiology etc.. A good one for learning..............

October 2006

June 2006

How Life Began: New Research Suggests Simple Approach

by YukuanMark
Somewhere on Earth, close to 4 billion years ago, a set of molecular reactions flipped a switch and became life. Scientists try to imagine this animating event by simplifying the processes that characterize living things.

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