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Creating a Rotating Billboard System with jQuery and CSS | Codrops

by srcmax

In this tutorial we will use some images, CSS and jQuery to create the effect of a rotating billboard with two ads. The idea is to make one set of image slices disappear while another one (the other ad) appear. We will decrease the width of each disappearing slice and increase the width of each appearing slice. This will give the effect of rotating slices, just like in a rotating billboard system.



Photo Highlight on Yahoo! News Photos

by hemanshu_desai
Hong Kong's financial buildings, printed on an advertisement billboard, are reflected by an escalator at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre December 15, 2006. REUTERS/Paul Yeung (CHINA)

Ann Summers in risque viral drive

by bluexmass
Ann Summers brand ambassador Nancy Sorrell, star of 'I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here' and wife of comedian Vic Reeves, will feature in the execution, which uses innuendo that plays on racing terminology to promote its range.

Billboard (advertising) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

by bluexmass
A billboard or hoarding is a large outdoor signboard, usually wooden, found in places with high traffic such as cities, roads, motorways and highways.

LedLightRay : Galleria Fashion Store - Seoul

by koibito
Arup Lighting in Amsterdam have transformed the Galleria into a perpetually changing, light-reactive and computer-programmable radiant surface

Cheap Billboard Advertising Ideas

by Duilen
Looking to advertise your local or regional business, then billboard advertising can help. Billboard advertising has been around since the first half of the 20th century.

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