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January 2007

ShopSlides web slide show » Blog Archive » Lance Armstrong visits fans before final Tour de France

by springnet
Video by Paul Walhus Lance does a question and answer session with Austin Texas fans before heading off to the final bike race of his career, a bid to win his 7th Tour de France in a row. The setting was Lance’s new health club.

December 2006

March 2006

Solo Ride

by soloride
my bicycle tour that went around the perimeter usa

February 2006

v i d e o g a l l e r y

by birdman & 5 others (via)
一个爱骑自行车的老外的视频网站, 不少好视频

v i d e o g a l l e r y

by nickcheng & 5 others (via)
一个爱骑自行车的老外的视频网站, 不少好视频

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