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November 2006

Self/Person/Personal Identity Bibliographies

by jlesage
From philosophy, psychology, cognitive science, cognitive neuroscience: Identity, Consciousness, Knowledge, Pathologies of the Self, Personalism, Narrative, Gender, Medical Ethics, Embodiment, Social Construction, Ethics, Politics, Law, Medicine. . .

Literary Theory. Literary Criticism

by jlesage
very large site, also contains links for art and film, among other things, lots of branching possiblities

October 2006

Literary Resources on the Net (Lynch)

by jlesage
updated 2006. Topics include historical periods for British and U.S. Literature, Theatre and Drama, Theory, Women's Literature & Feminism, Ethnicities & Nationalities, Hypertext

June 2006

EServer: Cultural Studies and Critical Theory

by jlesage
large bibliography with links to many full text essays--american studies, critical legal studies, literature, marxism, media, popular culture, postcolonialism, queer, race, women's studies

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