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23 January 2007 11:45

Betty Boop - Discover the World of BoopaBelia

by crouty & 1 other (via)
Come meet Betty Boop and her friends. View videos, download screensavers, and shop online at Betty Boop A Doop World! Fantastic fan site with information on the history and background of this famous cartoon character, as well as images, icons, and much more. Visit us and celebrate our personal tribute to this animated vixen from the 1930s.

Betty Boop - Welcome to the WORLD of Boop Oop A Doop

by crouty & 1 other (via)
Do you love Betty Boop? Can never find what you need to know about her? Look no further! Here you will find ALL you need to know about Betty Boop, and more! Learn about her history and her Creator. Buy pictures & purses, collectables & costumes. Come and see ALL the delights of Betty Boop-A-Doop!

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