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How to Quickly (and Correctly) Track Google Analytics Across Multiple Domains - Moz

by srcmax
Out of the box, Google Analytics handles being deployed across multiple domains or subdomains extremely poorly. This is easily the most common critical problem in Google Analytics, despite its being relatively easy to fix.


maven/docker jungle :: new Blog( perso );

by night.kame

could just be replaced with maven-exec plugin

Comme quoi, on peut être co-auteur d'évangile sur Maven et recommander quelque chose qui n'est clairement pas une Best Practice, comme utiliser maven-antrun-plugin ou maven-exec-plugin.

Making AJAX Applications Crawlable - Webmasters — Google Developers

by srcmax & 2 others
If you're running an AJAX application with content that you'd like to appear in search results, we have a new process that, when implemented, can help Google (and potentially other search engines) crawl and index your content. Historically, AJAX applications have been difficult for search engines to process because AJAX content is produced dynamically by the browser and thus not visible to crawlers. While there are existing methods for dealing with this problem, they involve regular manual maintenance to keep the content up-to-date


Emailology - The Science of Looking Good in the Inbox

by Xavier Lacot
A complete and useful resource when building a mailing which must render correctly in a large panel of email clients




Web Content Group

by wabaus
The Web Content Group – promoting web content best practices at Penn State


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