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July 2012 JavaScript with Thomas Fuchs » Blog Archive » Flowchart: how to retinafy your website

by gregg
Thomas Fuchs explains that with retina screens all around us, it’s time to take the plunge and retinafy your website or web app. He then shows the process he uses (for both mobile and desktop) in the form of a flowchart for some more sanity in all of this. Fantastic.

June 2012

Webdocumentaires et narration non-linéaire | The Pixel Hunt

by gregg
Si les webdocumentaires sont encore une forme relativement neuve, le jeu vidéo, en revanche, a déjà quelques années d’expérience derrière lui. Il a notamment su développer plusieurs techniques pour susciter l’implication de l’utilisateur, le stimuler ou l’aider à s’orienter. Or, c’est parfois une dimension qui manque cruellement aux webdocumentaires, riches de contenus passionnants, mais effrayants car ils proposent une quantité d’information gigantesque sans accompagner l’utilisateur dans sa consultation.

Storing Passwords Securely

by Spone & 1 other
Time and time again you hear about a company having all of their users' passwords, or "password hashes", compromised, and often there's a press response including one or more prominent security researchers demonstrating how 1,000 users had the password "batman", and so on. It's surprising how often this happens considering we've had ways to do password authentication that don't expose users' passwords, or at least makes it significantly harder to crack them, for several decades.

May 2012

Home | Project Re: Brief by Google

by gregg & 1 other
Project Re: Brief is an inspiring story about the need for creative thinking in the face of enormous technological shifts in the way we communicate. In a beautiful collision of minds and media, Project Re: Brief is a grand experiment whereby Google partnered with five of the brightest “old-school” legends from advertising to re-imagine their most iconic creative work from a half-century ago for the modern web.

March 2012

Flipcards sur les Bonnes Pratiques du Web Mobile (MWBP)

by Spone
Ces flipcards sur les Bonnes Pratiques du Web Mobile résument le standard W3C Mobile Web Best Practices 1.0. Les flipcards sont conçues comme un pense-bête ludique des soixantes bonnes pratiques définies plus en détails dans la spécification.

February 2012

Retranscrire facilement les interviews audio

by gregg & 1 other
Une solution simple est proposée par un add-on (une extension) du navigateur Chrome. Transcribe permet dans une seule et même fenêtre d’écouter le fichier audio (grâce à un petit lecteur audio présent en haut de page) et de taper le texte correspondant.

January 2012

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April 2011

Fi Case Study for Civil War 150

by gregg & 2 others
A&E TV Networks wanted to create a fresh, exciting and dynamic interactive experience in recognition of the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War that detailed all the various aspects of the colossal and monumental event in America’s History.

February 2011

January 2011


by Spone
There is only one pitch.

December 2010

November 2010

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