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June 2008

The PHP Benchmark

by kasi77 & 8 others (via) was constructed as a way to open people's eyes to the fact that not every PHP code snippet will run at the same speed. You may be surprised at the results that this page generates, but that is ok. This page was also created so that you would be able to find discovery in these statistics and then maybe re-run these tests in your own server environment to play around with this idea yourself, by using the code examples (these code examples are automatically generated and as the code in my .php files change, so do they)

May 2008

Benchmark d'un serveur MySQL - Tux-planet

by damdec & 1 other
Voici une petite astuce qui permet de faire un benchmark très rapide sur un serveur MySQL, afin de vérifier ses performances.

April 2008

March 2008

February 2008

January 2008

Cityvox exemple d’une migration Open Source réussie - Logiciel Libre

by balluche
Un exemple : e-TF1, passé a PHP, pour de besoin bien plus important et qui affiche des benchmark 10 fois supérieur à ceux de Vignette.

Mac Virtualization Benchmarking

by nhoizey
Parallels Desktop est plus rapide que VMWare Fusion avec Windows XP, mais plus lent avec Windows Vista. Qui voudrait de Vista de toute façon ? ;-)

December 2007

Télécharger sur OCTeam

by Sirius & 1 other
Base de téléchargement des meilleurs logiciels pour overclocker, bencher sa configuration.


by rvoluer & 9 others
Comparateur automatisé et automatisable

November 2007

Benchmarking magic | GarfieldTech

by kasi77
The day is nearly upon us! Drupal 7 will open up developers to PHP 5 functionality when it is released next year. Already, there is talk of how, and if, to leverage PHP 5's object handling now that we don't need to deal with the weirdness of PHP 4's object model. Of course, because it's Drupal, our army of performance czars want to know just what the cost is for object handling, and especially advanced object magic like __get(), __call(), the ArrayAccess interface, and so forth.

September 2007

July 2007


by Hieroglyphe & 21 others
YSlow analyzes web pages and tells you why they're slow based on the rules for high performance web sites. YSlow is a Firefox add-on integrated with the popular Firebug web development tool.

Faites vos propres benchmarks

by Giraultises & 9 others (via)
Benchmarkr est une solution pour comparer des produits par rapport à une référence. Vous pourrez ainsi faire facilement vos comparatifs à l'aide de graphiques.

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