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February 2008

January 2008

Mac Virtualization Benchmarking

by nhoizey
Parallels Desktop est plus rapide que VMWare Fusion avec Windows XP, mais plus lent avec Windows Vista. Qui voudrait de Vista de toute façon ? ;-)

November 2007

Benchmarking magic | GarfieldTech

by kasi77
The day is nearly upon us! Drupal 7 will open up developers to PHP 5 functionality when it is released next year. Already, there is talk of how, and if, to leverage PHP 5's object handling now that we don't need to deal with the weirdness of PHP 4's object model. Of course, because it's Drupal, our army of performance czars want to know just what the cost is for object handling, and especially advanced object magic like __get(), __call(), the ArrayAccess interface, and so forth.

June 2007

SlickSpeed Selectors Test

by nhoizey & 7 others
Des tests de performances automatisés des principales librairie Javascript : Prototype, jQuery, MooTools, ext, cssQuery, dojo query

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