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The Boat | SBS

by gregg
To mark the 40th Anniversary of the fall of Saigon Australian TV Network SBS launched The Boat, an interactive graphic novel about escape after the Vietnam War. It is based on the story by Nam Le, adapted by Matt Huynh. The project is an important foundation narrative about the Vietnamese diaspora. The visuals are beautiful and the sound design haunting/powerful.


Motion Books

by gregg
The free comic digital storytelling platform that is revolutionizing the way we read -- Available on iOS and web-partner deviantArt.



by gregg
Bruno and Ollie are two anthropomorphic dogs who must find their way home after being left in the car by their owners. Yep. the oldest story in the book. The panels are animated gifs, a technique that is still being explored for its storytelling possibilities.


by gregg
Are you the one? Enter a dark online comic book world where only you can defeat the virus and save the city.

Niko and the Sword of Light - A fully animated comic book for the iPad

by gregg
A boy alone, lost in a savage land ruled by darkness. His people gone. His kingdom a Smouldering ruin. His only hope is the Sword of Light; a magical relic, forged by the ancient gods - and the only thing powerful enough to return his land to freedom…"

Scrollon® | Storytelling without pages or borders.

by gregg
Imagine a comic book without borders or pages. Scrollon offers original illustrated content presented as a seemingly unending image.  Stories are not merely read, they are traveled. The image is advanced by scrolling with your finger, or by tapping the screen.

Bienvenue sur notre site - Professeur Cyclope

by gregg
La bande dessinée entre dans une nouvelle ère : sur les tablettes, elle devient tactile, sensible. Un terrain de jeu inédit pour des auteurs en recherche de nouveaux modes d’expression… Nous avons souhaité « jouer collectif », et partager ce terrain de jeu, en lançant avec Arte, un mensuel de bandes dessinées et de fictions numériques.



by gregg
Les Éditions ✩ INSOLITE sont nées d’une rencontre entre passionnés bien déjantés, du jeu-vidéo, de l’animation, et de la littérature. Notre seul désir, c’est lire et faire lire de la BD numérique de façon amusante, agréable, et avec une réelle valeur ajoutée.


by gregg
le premier magazine de BD reportage sur tablettes


by gregg & 1 other
At Tapastic, we believe in the profound effects a story can have on us and the incredible value we as readers can take away from them if presented in the right manner - as great as books may be, not many of us have the time to sit down and read Stephen King nowadays. While we aren’t implying that it’s time to pull away from the classics, we do believe that there is a more entertaining way of consuming content: Visual Stories. That’s what Tapastic is built around and that’s what we are excited to share with all of you!

Peugeot présente : Le roman graphique HYbrid4

by gregg
Developed by Sylvain Tran - - twitter @transylvain

Ryan Woodward's Bottom of the Ninth, an animated graphic novel.

by gregg (via)
Bottom of the Ninth is the first animated graphic novel of it’s kind, created by Hollywood artist, Ryan Woodward (The Avengers, Ironman 2 , Spider-man 2&3, The Iron Giant(1998) etc.) Enjoy the feeling of a classic comic book, enhanced with touch activated voices, animation and music. It’s a whole new storytelling experience. Baseball legend, Dale Murphy, (Atlanta Braves, 2-time MVP) lends his voice as “The Murph”, a retired pro gone announcer.


by gregg
The computer screen, considered a bad partner, when it comes to reading lenghty texts, is all the better suited as a space to project the advanced pictorial language of comics. The internet is providing direct and affordable means of distribution and thus helps even daring and less commercial comics projects to become available worldwide.

Meanwhile for iOS

by gregg & 2 others
Meanwhile is not an ordinary comic. You make the choices that determine how the story unfolds. Meanwhile splits off into thousands of different adventures. Most will end in doom and disaster. Only one path will lead you to happiness and success.

Soul Reaper - HTML5 Scroll Book

by gregg
Soul Reaper est une BD numérique d’une nouvelle forme, qui exploite le HTML5 pour proposer une lecture sous une forme hybride, entre bande-dessinée et dessin animé. Réalisé par Saizen Med



by gregg
Because reading is important, reading takes time, and time is scarce. A summary comic version of important books is the perfect solution for people on the go who want to get smarter and have fun in the process.

Spaces Of Play

by gregg & 1 other (via)
Touch Sensitive by Chris Ware


by gregg & 1 other
Delitoon, est le premier portail européen entièrement dédié à la bande dessinée digitale. Le projet Delitoon est né en 2009 de la rencontre entre un éditeur de bande dessinée franco/belge et la culture coréenne.

Operation Ajax | iPad's Most Interactive Graphic Novel

by gregg
Operation Ajax is the first true-to-life spy thriller in a new genre of interactive comics experiences. Designed specifically for the iPad, Operation Ajax is an original story inspired by the investigative journalism of best-selling author, Stephen Kinzer, and his work All the Shah's Men: An American Coup and the Roots of Middle East Terror.

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