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Forge d'âme - Bienvenue

by sbrothier
Soulsmithing se veut une fenêtre sur la forge traditionnelle des sabres japonais à travers l'expérience de l'apprenti Pierre Nadeau et ses mentors.

Sur le Fil...

by sbrothier
Michael Sabatier, forge

Michael SABATIER - Forgeron d'Armes ::: Accueil :::

by sbrothier
La forge d’un sabre est un processus entouré de bien des mystères. Au japon, une forte tradition mystique imprègne cet art. En occident l’éloignement géographique et culturel augmente encore par ‘exotisme’ cette émotion mystique.


Battodo et Tameshigiri | Kendo Charleroi

by sbrothier
L’académie militaire de Toyama fut fondée par l’empereur Meiji en 1873 afin de former la nouvelle armée impériale aux techniques de guerre occidentales. Ces techniques basées essentiellement sur les armes à feu délaissèrent dans un premier temps l’entrainement au sabre traditionnel, à tel point que les officiers japonais oublièrent les bases de son maniement.


by sbrothier
The snow covered Izumo seen from the window of the air-plane was just so refreshing that I felt myself purified as if landing on to the holy ground. Driving for one hour and half from the air port, I went through a long tunnel jus like the womb of a huge dragon. Having passed quiet country village, I headed forth into a hilly cedar mountain. I couldn't help sensing god's presence there. I pushed my way through the deep snow, there appeared Kanayago-jinja. (the guardian deity of iron). I had to climb the steep approach to the shrine. Snow was swept clean around the shrine and I saw names of worshippers praying for the success of their Kera making were recorded in a note-book. I simply felt a strong impulse to observe how iron be made. Having opened door, there I found Tatara.


Parts of the Japanese sword & Japanese Forging Terms

by sbrothier & 1 other
Here are some clear, concise pictures of the parts that make up the typical uchigatana (打刀) style of Japanese sword.


Clan-Takeda • Pour une poignée de sabre... - Etude des montures de l'arme longue

by sbrothier & 1 other
Un sabre, qu'est-ce ? Pour un spécialiste du Nippon-to, c'est une lame. Le reste que l'on appelle « monture » porte plusieurs noms selon l'usage que l'on réserve à la lame : le shirasaya ou le koshirae. De même que l'on n'est pas ses vêtements, un sabre n'est pas une monture. C'est ce qui explique que l'on puisse changer aisément de monture comme on change de vêtement.


by sbrothier & 1 other
La partie la plus importante d'un sabre en est bien évidemment sa lame, l'habillement ( KOSHIRAE ), souvent somptueusement décoré n'est considéré qu'en seconde phase. La valeur d'un sabre ( valeur marchande, mais aussi sa valeur artistique et surtout son importance en tant qu'arme ) est la qualité de la structure qui compose sa lame mais aussi l'état de cette même lame.

The white hakama of Yushinkan | [ ]

by sbrothier & 1 other
This article deals only with one such thing: the origin of the use of white dogi (hakama in particular). I’ve heard a lot of explanations for its use, from the ordinary to the mystical, with people sometimes even arbitrarily defining rules for wearing white. This occurs even in Japan. However, the reason for its initial introduction is as mundane as it can be, despite what connotations people may or may not give it now.

Martial Arts of Japan:

by sbrothier The Classical Martial Arts Resource

Suigen Dojo

by sbrothier
Cours tous les jeudis au Suigen Dojo de 19 h à 20 h 30 à la Salle de sports du Petit Houx à Azé, Loir et Cher (41100). Le Suigen Dojo est affilié à la Fédération Française de Battodo. L’enseignement au sein de la Fédération Française de Batto do provient de la transmission faite par 2 remarquables sensei (maîtres) japonais à Bernard Durand Sensei (7e dan kyoshi de kendo, 7e dan de batto do, 5 dan de iaido) fondateur de la Fédération Française de Batto do

Suigen Dojo sur Vendôme Associations le site des associations du vendomois

by sbrothier
Le Suigen Dojo est affilié à la Fédération Française de Battodo. L’enseignement au sein de la Fédération Française de Batto do provient de la transmission faite par 2 remarquables sensei (maîtres) japonais à Bernard Durand Sensei (7e dan kyoshi de kendo, 7e dan de batto do, 5 dan de iaido) fondateur de la Fédération Française de Batto do

USAGIYA - by the Kashima sisters

by sbrothier
Welcome to the sword lover's nirvana

Make Your Own Cutting Stand Page 1

by sbrothier
The first thing to do is to read through the instructions and print out the PDF diagram so you can get an idea of the parts you will be making and assembling and the materials you will need. You can click on the link above or the thumbnail below to get a full-sized printable version.

Bugei Trading Company: Tameshigiri

by sbrothier
Along with wara we are offering a cutting stand. Strongly built from Douglas fir these stands will hold your wara firmly when you are doing tameshigiri. If you wish to build your own stand we offer instructional drawings free of charge, call for information. We strongly recommend that you get proper instruction before you attempt to cut. This is a dangerous activity that takes practice and proper instruction in order to be done safely. (The price of the stand includes shipping).

ITTO RYODAN - Distributors of Tatami Omote

by sbrothier
It is of primary importance that any stand made for tameshigiri incorporates the proper dimensions and maximum stability. Further consideration can then be given to the aesthetic appeal of the stand and the design with regards to the stand's ability to be transported. Our stands have been painstakingly designed and tested to ensure that they are not only very stable but naturally beautiful as well. What's more they are easily set up or taken apart again for transport or storage. The stands are made of unfinished high quality white oak. For use they may be left as they are or they can be stained or oiled as desired. Each stand comes with 4 pine wood pegs. Stand Dimensions: Base 86 cm Height 88 cm Weight 7.7 kg Price €189,00 each

Tameshigiri Stand | -{ }-

by sbrothier
Second on the list of martial arts gear I could make now that I have a backyard: a tameshigiri stand. About as simple as the makiwara, if not more so. I started with a 3′ 4×4 post:

Tameshigiri Cutting Stand

by sbrothier
The stand in the upper left photo is a 24 inch tall Red Oak cutting stand. The stand in the middle is a 24 inch tall Brazilian Cherry stand. The two smaller stands on the right are: upper - 15.5 inch Red Oak, lower - 15.5 inch Brazilian Cherry. | Tameshigiri, Samurai Sword Cutting Mats, Samurai Sword Stands, Samurai Sword Accessories

by sbrothier
At we offer the modern swordsman everything needed to begin cutting practice or continue Tameshigiri training if you are already an experienced cutter. These stands are a great addition for your sword training and you just can't beat the price! Order today and get an receive a SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE, by signing up on our home page to become a Samurai Supply Member!

Tameshigiri Cutting Stand - Handmade Functional Katanas - Forged Battle Ready Samurai Swords

by sbrothier
Hardwood cutting stand for Tameshigiri. Precision cut for easy assembly. Measures 37" inches overall from bottom of floor to the tip of the dowel. 26" From floor to the bass of cutting plate. The legs extend 27.5" inches wide. The dowel is 1" inch.

Japanese Sword DIY Tools

by sbrothier
These had to find tools are useful for repairing and customizing katana. We also carry various DIY supplies to get the job done.

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