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November 2005

立法會議員梁國雄|四五行動網站 » Blog Archive » 【特首出醜記】不可不看

by wilsonshum
Don't quite see it as an "embarrassing moment" of DT, in fact he demonstrated clear understanding of his role as leader in HKSAR, China

August 2005


by ryanne
[wednesday, 06 april 2005] 很沉痛。 已不欲多言,但未能沉默! 嚴烈抗議特區政府 提請人大再再再釋法!!!!!!!!!曾蔭權有香港良心梁愛詩為民主著想內地學者說人大釋法有助鞏固一國兩制

反釋法遊行19 日舉行

by ryanne
[friday, 08 april 2005] From Article 45 Concern Group: Join Our 419 Silent March! To express our regret of the SAR Government’s decision to seek an interpretation by the NPC Standing Committee and our concern for the rule of law in Hong Kong under the "

4.19 Silent March

by ryanne
[wednesday, 20 april 2005] 4.19 Silent March:


by ryanne
[monday, 08 august 2005] 行政命令是什麼? 曾長官說是臨時措施,究竟如何「臨時」法?梁師長講得不清不楚,李處長又叫我們信警方不會濫用,四十五條關注組就覺得命令不可以取代法律 . . . 最好

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