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May 2007

April 2007

NW BELL 36280 M2 2 4 GHz Basic Cordless Phone X

by bl5189e0 & 1 other
Information about NW BELL 36280 M2 2 4 GHz Basic Cordless Phone X: price, photo, review and technical details

March 2007

Basic Networking

by bl5189e0 & 1 other
information on basic networking.

February 2007

Chinese Cooking Where Do I Start

by googon (via)
Vegetable oil (such as corn oil, soybean oil or peanut oil) is the most basic ingredient in Chinese cooking and often used because of it’s higher smoking point (441° to 450°F) as compared to olive oil (about 375°F).

Forrester narrows list of specs for Web services

by nhoizey
"The place to really watch, if you're a conservative watcher and you don't want to watch much in the industry about these emerging specifications is WS-I," he said. "It's putting together answers to technical questions that people need answered if they want things to work together for Web services interoperability."

January 2007

Work at Home Business: Become a Dog Trainer

by fitchwitch (via)
Become a Dog Trainer: When you become a dog trainer you are providing a valuable and needed service to both dog owners and society.

December 2006

November 2006

by sylvainulg
Unoffical qbasic programing language site where the comunity can upload and share their own qbasic creations

October 2006

September 2006

August 2006

July 2006

Coder`s daily news

by cyby
Just new software and programming languages comments.

June 2006

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