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November 2006

Bash Reference Manual - Shell Parameter Expansion

by mbertier (via)
The ‘$’ character introduces parameter expansion, command substitution, or arithmetic expansion.

Shell Tips ! » Using bash wildcards

by orieg
Usefull bash wildcards for better shell usage. Wildmark are question mark, curly brackets, square brackets and asterix.

October 2006

Shell Tips !» Working quickly with some usefull BASH Shortcuts

by orieg
Usefull bash shortcuts. Nice tips for working and moving quickly on it's shell

by cascamorto & 11 others
Command line reference for Windows, Bash, Oracle, and SQL Server

September 2006

August 2006

by vrossign & 43 others, 6 comments
BashFR, c'est la super base de données des perles de conversations françaises.