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May 2008

Île-de-France - Consultation des rapports. Décisions en lignes

by solveig_vidal (via)
Base de données Mariane (rapports, délibérations, questions & réponses, comptes rendus)

March 2007

O'Reilly Radar : " Freebase Will Prove Addictive"

by solveig_vidal (via)
Danny Hillis' latest venture, Metaweb, is about to unveil its first product, the aptly named freebase, tomorrow. While freebase is still VERY alpha, with much of the basic functionality barely working, the idea is HUGE. In many ways, freebase is the bridge between the bottom up vision of Web 2.0 collective intelligence and the more structured world of the semantic web.


by solveig_vidal & 4 others
base de données commune, gratuite et collaborative des connaissances du monde (à la manière de wikipédia qui est une encyclopédie gratuite et collaborative). Projet très intéressant !

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