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2009, La WebTV de Montréal

by eclipse-lechat
nightlife, restaurants, bars, clubs, sports, musique, news, fashion, humour, stars, party



by Krome & 3 others
PiliPili c’est votre guide de Rennes et votre guide de Grenoble (et bientôt disponible dans toutes les grandes villes de France), pour une sélection d’avantages et de bons plans sur les restaurants, sorties, activités de loisirs, shopping… Le magazine à découper devient donc le site des bons de réduction à imprimer…


MappyHour - Happy Hour Map!

by lukeslytalker
Listing of happy hour spots using google maps


by jogee_feroza
Movida is a super trendy club as well as a restaurant and bar. The club attracts an A-list crowd, with queues outside from Wednesday to Saturday. There is a VIP room at Movida and it tends to get a lot of press coverage. I was fortunate enough to get an invite in and its really quite lavish. The restaurant serves a mixture of French and Italian classics, set in the three brick lined listed arches of the Palladium Theatre. There is a bar running through the arches serving pre- and after dinner drinks. Guest lists, table bookings at London's Premier Clubs!


by vanguyafo, 1 comment
social bookmarking community that targets women with the latest fashion, styles, restaurants, bars, events, spas, salons in the cities where they live. It also includes a cool section for the men in their lives. Users can vote and comment on stuff they like or dislike.

Make your own easy and AWESOME energy bars

by healthking
I make my own bars and they beat packaged bars hands-down. My favorite is this mix called Matisse & Jack's ( It's as easy as making brownies and they taste outstanding. Lots of protein, whole grains and good fats. They cost a lot less than buying packaged bars too. DIY and save some money!


by jogee_feroza
It is getting closer to the weekend and people are talking about which bars to have a drink at and where to go to dance until the early morning. The prospect of going out is really tempting but there is one problem, you don’t have enough money. And what about the next weekend? Does the above scenario feel familiar to you? It certainly does to many because going out is a real money-burning activity. It is however easier for some than others to manage to both have fun and don’t spend all their money, simply because it’s cheaper in some cities than others. The annual Saturday Night Index provides studies about how much it costs to spend a Saturday evening out in different UK cities. Factors included in the study are such as fees for buses, taxis and entrance as well as the prices of a late-night meal. While the latest study shows that the average cost of going out in the UK has dropped by almost £6, it also shows how big differences there could be between different towns. In the cheapest town, Bristol, a night would cost you £12.16, which is about £20 less than if you would go out in London. While cities such as Manchester and Leeds followed Bristol as the cheapest ones, the big surprise was that Newcastle which was one of the last year’s cheapest cities, now is the second most expensive one.


sport cars and bars? not for him!

by JamesHolland
Hello, I'm Max. I like nifty things, like sport cars and top-class bars. But that's what I dream about, and I can't afford for now. I want to finish college, than, maybe, university, get a degree, and earn lots of money. The only trouble for me is that I'm not very good in research. And term-paper writing also. So, I'll stick to some services, like - I'm sure, it'll help


by simplyqueer
blog d'un jene gay d'angers, blog sur les bars le boites le monde homo d'angers

Etude : le Wi-Fi gratuit est une source de revenus

by dpansu
Selon une étude menée auprès des enseignes de Columbus Café, un hotspot même gratuit peut rapporter.


by nabekor
blog collectif sur paris Actus, évènements, bars, restaurants, happenings, rendez- vous, chroniques et mauvaise foi: Paris par les parisiens, pour tout le monde.

The Tabernacle Bar & Grill, London

by lorry108 & 1 other
Great site - venue and food is amazing - restaurant, bar, night club - highly recommended London venue

London Restaurant, Tabernacle Bar & Grill

by lorry108 & 1 other
Great site - venue and food is amazing - restaurant, bar, night club - highly recommended London venue



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