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Bailouts & Bank Credit Crisis Could Cause British Great Depression

by cryogenius (via)
Niall Ferguson, respected economic historian, warns of other European countries facing an Iceland style bankruptcy. 'Switzerland is first in line… and Britain is not far behind,' he says. While many politicians in Europe like to shift the blame for the credit crisis to the U.S. Niall points out that excessive lending and leveraging was much more endemic in countries such as Germany and the U.K. Yet the U.K Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, like many European politicians continues to argue that the world is being brought down by a U.S. caused recession.


The Proven Steps To Credit Repair!

by edaze
Credit worthiness is usually measured by your credit history, which represents your financial reputation among creditors.

Russia Financial and Banking News

by enchip
Latest news on Russia banking sector, including current events monitoring, bank rankings, financial statements and investing in Russia.


Get Your Bank Charges Refunded

by tjhooker
A pretty simple site, came across it through Adwords of all things- getting your bank charges refunded is a pretty hot topic right now in the UK, and I needed to find out what to write in my letter to the bank. This site offered a basic but very useful ebook, with step by step instructions. Well worth a look if you are in the UK and have ever incurred charges for stuff like overdrafts and late payments

Products & Rates General Page

by wesvt
Wes: supposed to be one of the highest interest rate banks on the web


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