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RealPlayer qualifié de Badware

by kooolman
"« Badware », c'est le qualificatif qui a été employé par le site pour désigner les dernières versions de RealPlayer. Le site spécialisé dans les logiciels polluants et/ou malveillants estime effectivement que RealPlayer joue sur un terrain glissant." Mais qui utilise encore Real Player ?!!


Security Cadets

by AndyAtHull & 1 other
Security Cadets offers the latest news and information. HijackThis Logs and Analysis at your fingertips in a forum where you can receive free help.

by micah & 4 others (via)
We've all seen it happen: you or someone you know has downloaded something from the internet that seemed harmless enough at the time. Next thing you know, the computer has slowed to a crawl. Pop-up advertising starts to appear out of nowhere. Private information gets sent to some company you've never heard of. And the worst part? Trying to uninstall the software might only make the problem worse.

by jackysee & 4 others (via)
Badware 包括 spyware, malware, deceptive adware 等等,安裝後只會為你帶來麻煩的軟件,這是個 Badware 的資訊搜集網站

by rogerwaggener & 4 others
A group working to protect computers,computer users, and their privacy.

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