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Justice Society of America: The Bad Seed

by alamat (via)
With the coming of the new JSA spin-off title, JSA ALL-STARS, we all knew which way the wind was blowing. And I guess it was an obvious move, what with the JSA ranks having risen to such ridiculous numbers that even Legionnaires are now passing judgment. Factor in too that new scribes Bill Willingham and Matthew Sturges want to make an instant mark, and so we get the splintering.



by jackiege

到处在喊中国特色的XXXX, 为什么中国的Web 2.0却如此缺乏中国特色?- 我blog故我在

by jackiege
流氓、作弊也算是中国特色了,做流氓能发财还去辅导新流氓然后又做反流氓, 这就更加中国特色+中国特色了...所以这就是为什么人家流氓总是混得不错的原因, 因为遵循了"中国特色".

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