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March 2010

February 2010

Sypex Dumper 2, Backup MySQL| Webmaster – Ressources et outils gratuits pour votre site internet – Free Tools| Free Tools, Le meilleur des outils gratuits pour webmaster

by eledo34
Sypex Dumper est un produit logiciel (script PHP), qui peut vous aider à créer un backup d’une base de données MySQL et à également la restituer en cas de besoin.

January 2010

Sauvegarde des mails avec Offlineimap - Saïmon's blog

by nicolargo (via)
Sauvergarder son compte Gmail avec Offlineimap

Bulkr - Download Flickr photos in bulk (Mac, Windows

by nhoizey & 1 other
"Easily download/backup your photostream, all of your sets, your favorites or photos from Flickr search."

google-sites-liberation - Project Hosting on Google Code

by HK
This is an import/export tool for Google Sites. Using HTML Microformats it generates an XHTML version of Sites content suitable for offline browsing and simple HTTP hosting, which is also able to be losslessly imported back into sites.

December 2009

Tumblr Backup app is ready for its first beta |

by simon_bricolo
Unlike other publishing sites’ approach to backups, our goal was to create a useful copy of your blog’s content that can be viewed on any computer, burned to a CD, or hosted as an archive of static HTML files. Wherever possible, we use simple file formats. Our backup structure is optimized for Mac OS X’s Spotlight for searching and Quick Look for browsing, and we’ll try to use the same structure and achieve the same benefits on other platforms.

ForeverSave: Never Lose Your Work Again – Mac.AppStorm

by nhoizey
"ForeverSave automatically saves and backs up all documents in applications you ask it to."

November 2009

arkeia software | ubuntu

by eledo34 (via)
Arkeia met à disposition des utilisateurs d’Ubuntu une licence (complète et gratuite) de sa solution de sauvegarde Arkeia Network Backup.

Geek to Live: Mirror files across systems with rsync - Backup utilities - Lifehacker

by ghis
You use more computers and operating systems to get your work done today than ever before. But how do you keep your files synchronized between them? Plenty of OS-specific tools can mirror folders, but you need something cross-platform and highly customizable. You need the 10-year-old command line file mirroring utility called rsync.

October 2009

Online Photo Editing, Online Photo Sharing |

by ycc2106 & 2 others
manage and edit, generates a nice 3D gallery 250GB free! mobile iphone support

Script de backup de machines virtuelles VMWare

by sdaclin
Début de script pour le backup de machines virtuelles VMWare. Il faut encore l'automatiser un peu mais c'est un bon début et ça donne l'idée pour la suite.

September 2009

Rseven - Mobile Backup and Sync Service

by ycc2106
Rseven archives all the data recorded by your phone into a website. As your phone documents your daily activities, Rseven website shows your life journey in a timeline and displays the strength of your relationships with the people that you communicate with". Rseven mobile client on the phone collects the data from the phone and uploads them to the website. The Rseven mobile client also synchronizes the phone's contacts

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