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Bulkr - Download Flickr photos in bulk (Mac, Windows

by nhoizey & 1 other
"Easily download/backup your photostream, all of your sets, your favorites or photos from Flickr search."


ForeverSave: Never Lose Your Work Again – Mac.AppStorm

by nhoizey
"ForeverSave automatically saves and backs up all documents in applications you ask it to."


Un backup de votre Gmail ?

by Giraultises & 3 others (via)
Gmail Backup est un logiciel tout simple qui vous sauvera de tout crash serveur...

Home - BackupManager

by nhoizey
Backup Manager is a command line backup tool for GNU/Linux, designed to help you make daily archives of your file system. Written in bash and perl, it can make archives in lots of open formats (tar, gzip, bzip2, lzma, dar, zip) and provides lots of intere

plasticsfuture » Mac Backup Software Harmful

by nhoizey
A backup tool needs to be able to copy files faithfully for a successful restore in case desaster has struck. The surprising conclusion of my investigation is that almost all Macintosh Backup tools fail at their most basic task, the faithful copying of fi

Flickr Foldr Monitr -

by nhoizey
Foldr Monitr is a free tool that runs in the background and watches a selected folder (and optionally subfolders) waiting for you to add photos to it. When photos appear in the folder, Foldr Monitr automatically uploads them to your Flickr account for you

Automatically backup your Mac to Amazon S3 |

by nhoizey & 2 others
Here is my step-by-step guide to getting your machine setup to do automatic daily backups to Amazon. I developed these steps on my MacBook Air running Leopard however they should work for previous versions of OS X as well. flickredit

by nhoizey & 2 others
FlickrEdit is a Java Desktop application that allows you to display and edit your photos in a variety of ways. It also allows you to download/backup or upload your photos to and from Flickr


Automatiser les copies de sauvegarde avec rsync

by lecyborg & 1 other
rsync est un logiciel pour copier des fichiers rapidement d’une source vers une destination (localement, ou à travers le réseau). Les copies par le réseau utilisent par défaut SSH (sous Debian GNU/Linux). - UltraBackup 2007

by nhoizey
UltraBackup est un logiciel de sauvegarde automatique simple et efficace. UltraBackup protège vos données sensibles en cas de destruction partielle ou complète de celles-ci.

Faites un backup sur le net

by Giraultises & 1 other (via)
Mozy est une solution qui vous permet de sauvegarder gratuitement 2 Gb de vos données directement sur le Net. Bien sur, c'est un petit logiciel qui vous fait ça et que vous pourrez configurer pour un lancement régulier. Pour un espace de backup illimité c'est seulement 5 $ par mois...

Mozy Online Backup: Free. Automatic. Secure.

by fredbird & 11 others
Download and install Mozy to ensure your data is safely backed up at a secure, remote location


by nhoizey & 7 others (via)
rsnapshot is a filesystem snapshot utility for making backups of local and remote systems


by lecyborg & 17 others
Récupération de données sur windows/linux et appareils photos

Maarch archivage de documents (GED)

by lecyborg & 1 other
Maarch est une infrastructure générique comprenant l'acquisition, la circulation, et la conservation de documents à caractère statique. Sur cette base, cette plateforme open source est adaptable pour des applications verticales ayant des besoins précis : * Bornes d'archivage personnelles * Dossier client ou assuré * Gestion de courrier

Restauration partition

by lecyborg & 1 other
Utilitaire permettant de récupérer des partitions perdues



by nhoizey & 3 others (via)
Essentially any read/write device that can mount a writeable volume on the Macintosh Desktop can be used with SilverKeeper.

TNPI - Do it Yourself .mac

by nhoizey
Many of the reasons I do not find .mac useful are the same reasons I encourage others to use it. My needs are different than the average computer user. This is not an "I hate .mac" article but rather an explanation of the motivation and methods I used to provide myself with comparable services that are more usable for me. I publish it so that others may benefit from what I have learned.

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