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December 2007

Backup Ubuntu using rdiff-backup -- Ubuntu Geek

by camel
rdiff-backup backs up one directory to another, possibly over a network. The target directory ends up a copy of the source directory, but extra reverse diffs are stored in a special subdirectory of that target directory, so you can still recover files lost some time ago. The idea is to combine the best features of a mirror and an incremental backup. rdiff-backup also preserves subdirectories, hard links, dev files, permissions, uid/gid ownership, modification times, extended attributes, acls, and resource forks. Also, rdiff-backup can operate in a bandwidth efficient manner over a pipe, like rsync. Thus you can use rdiff-backup and ssh to securely back a hard drive up to a remote location, and only the differences will be transmitted. Finally, rdiff-backup is easy to use and settings have sensical defaults.

June 2007

Offload your multimedia content and bandwidth to Amazon using PHP

by nhoizey
Save disk space and bandwidth, and increase the reliability of your site by using the Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) remote storage service to host your media files. You'll also improve the reliability of your site as it serves large multimedia files

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