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August 2007

Chemise sur mesure et costume sur mesure pour homme

by photozim
Chemise sur mesure ou costume sur mesure, l'idéal pour vous habiller une classe au dessus sans vous ruiner et maintenant sans avoir à vous déplacer. Les indications illustrées vous permettent de prendre vos mesures en seulement dix minutes, un patron est ensuite réalisé par les maitres tailleurs en fonction de ces indications.

January 2007

October 2006

Dropping Gas Prices Fuel Online Retail Visits - Hitwise

by jackiege

September 2006


by jackiege


by jackiege
# zen-cart(开源) # osCommerce(开源) # Countnew # Shopex # ECshop (开源)

August 2006 | GoodStorm

by jackiege & 1 other
built on the Drupal open source content management system. designed to cater specifically to nonprofits. They keep only 30% of the profits on a sale (giving the rest to the seller), and also donate a portion of profits to charity."If you're a non-profit,

July 2006

Customer Reviews Really Do Impact Sales

by bluexmass
Customer reviews have a significant impact on what books consumers buy at online bookstores, with negative reviews carrying more weight.

BtoC Search Marketing Tactics

by bluexmass
Pay per click; Site optimization; Optimized press releases; Blog marketing; Paid inclusion and shopping feeds; Cross promotion and integration; Email promotions (Augmented with RSS feed); Affiliate programs

June 2006

by jackiege & 3 others (via)

May 2006

工行为阿里巴巴托管支付宝资金保证交易透明 - 新浪网

by jackiege

从“可乐B2C”到“鸡腿社区” - 麦田

by jackiege
greenies案例 "考量我们的智慧,即在美妙的机会和残酷的商业环境之间,如何寻找平衡并且不超越底线――比如,抄袭。"

吴世雄动手改造eBay易趣 主动出击成新战略 - CNET科技资讯网

by jackiege

October 2005

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